Fist and foremost, we would like to thank everybody that supported Resor Shop. Our journey has been a wonderful journey thanks to you guys but with heavy heart, we are announcing the closure of Resor Shop. This was not an easy decision and one that was not taken lightly because of all your love and support. The decision to close was not an economic decision but a decision to move forward in search of different adventures.

We will continue to manage our social media just for the love of it. Maybe one day, we’ll come back.

We thank you for all your love and support.

As a thank you, we would like to offer a 40% OFF on all order!


Also, we apologize for the delay on the give away winner announcement but the winner of the give away is:


From Twitter : Jose Noyola

From Instagram: FIE_ON_IT


Please contact us

In the email please include

Mailing Adress (PO BOX ok)

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Adventure Around Europe + Giveaway!!

We are heading to an awesome adventure around Europe!

Resor Shop will be closed until we come back on October 19. Therefore will no be able to ship any order until we come back.

If you don’t mind waiting, we are offering 20% off to all our awesome customers willing to wait. Head up to our site for the code.

Follow us on our adventure around Europe on Instagram and or Twitter Resor Shop

Thank you for your understanding!

As a Bonus, we will be doing a giveaway which will ONLY last until Oct 19. The prize will will be something we won’t tell what it is but we will only tell you that it’s worth more than $75 ! It could be a Traveler’s Notebook plus something or equivalent of $75 of refills, you won’t know until you get the package.

We were originally going to do a $50 but because we kept you waiting we decided to up the prize so yohoo!

How to participate?

You have to first like us on Facebook (we will check) and follow us on either Instagram or Twitter if you do both it will increase your chances.

On Instagram

Every time we post a picture on Instagram – Tag a friend!

Each Tag counts as one entry

On Twitter

Every time we tweet a picture – Retweet

Every retweet counts as one entry

If you do not have Instagram or Twitter you can participate using Facebook! Just share this giveaway!

And… we have more good news! We will be selecting TWO winners! One from Instagram and one from Twitter! How awesome is that?

We will pick the winners after we come back.

Good luck!




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Roberu New Canvas Camera Strap

A nice camera deserves a nice strap. Unfortunately, those that come included with the camera are usually a bit of a let down. Even if you’re sure it’s going to hold, the neoprene aesthetic somehow doesn’t live up to the ambition you have for your shots.

Roberu have been making premium quality, hand-crafted leather and canvas straps for five years, the latest being this beautiful canvas camera strap. Specially designed for use with heavy SLRs or the simple yet sophisticated mirrorless cameras.

For the serious photographer, the comfort of canvas must be combined with the time-honored strength of leather. The two materials are tightly stitched together and fortified with brass rivets to a camera buckle. The durability and elegance of this camera strap is apparent the moment you first see it in your hands. Load-bearing but lightweight and waterproof, this would stand up to an expedition through a rain forest.

Capable of holding up to 6.5 lbs of SLR camera heft, these hand-crafted Japanese straps purveyors of premium leather goods from Yokohama, manufacturers of high-quality Canvas.

Check them out at

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetIMG_0720 IMG_0723

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Travel to Guatemala, a Beautiful Book

Sometimes we perceive a country with negative light. The danger and horror stories we hear can cloud like a stormy day, a beautiful country.  Guatemala is sometimes known for its beautiful nature but what we hear from news and media is a different story. My whole life, I was under the impression that Central America was a horrible place plagued with drugs and gangs’ wars and underdeveloped cities. In some cases, that’s the sad truth but it only takes one visit to prove you that despite all the negative aspects, there’s a beautiful country that could make you fall in love with.

Every person I have told, I went to Guatemala makes the same disgusted face as if they knew the whole story. It would take me only one minute and one picture to explain how wrong they all were. Yes, the country is not the safest place on earth but their good people and their beautiful nature, truly compensate.

My story is not to sell you Guatemala or to encourage you to go to unsafe places or to give you a false sense of safety in a very unsafe place but to encourage to learn not to judge a book by its cover as an ugly cover can turn out to be a beautiful country.

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In Between Pictures, Travel Correspondent for R Ë S O R

To learn more about In Between Pictures’ adventures in Guatemala, check out the blog.

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And The Winner Is…


Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 11.52.53 PM

Congratulations to the winner! Winner – Please contact us within 5 days at our email

If you were not the lucky winner, don’t worry. We will have another giveaway soon! Stay tuned for our futures giveaways and promotions.

Thank you all for participating and sharing! Make sure you participate in the other one for a chance to win one of our precious items and the more participants the more frequent we will do this.

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Back to Back Give-Away – CLOSED

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

If you didn’t win the last give-away don’t worry! We are doing a back to back give-away!

How to win:

You must answer correctly one of the following questions and share this post. Make sure to post the link! Each correct answer and link will count as an entry.

In order to qualify, you must have at least ONE correct answer and ONE link. The more correct answers and links you get, the more entries.


1. What does R Ë S O R means?

2. What year Resor Shop opened?

3. Where are we located?

4. Name two cities featured on our Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

5. What year was the 5th Limited Edition Traveler’s Notebook released?

Good luck!

The prize: Your choice! (value up to $75)

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Traveler’s Notebook Winner….

Are you excited?

so here we go… The winner is:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 9.15.45 PM



Please email us: with your name, shipping information, and a little about you so we can add a personal touch to it.


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IMG_2061 copy

We are back with another give-away! We asked you guys what you wanted us to giveaway and we have a clear winner: MIDORI. So here we are again, giving you the chance to win a Traveler’s Notebook! This time is going to be a little different. We are giving away a customized Traveler’s Notebook! We won’t show you how it looks until we have announce the winner. It will come with extra goodies and a personalized look. Does it sound awesome or what?

You know the drill (or not) here are the rules:

1. Post the link of this post on your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or any social media you use. For Instagram, post a picture of something that inspires you. Don’t forget to tag us @ResorShop and #ResorShop

2. Comment below with your post’s link and for an extra entry, post an awesome comment

3. If you make a video (Instagram, youtube, or Vine) we will count it as 2 entries

4. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and/or Instagram @ResorShop

This giveaway will close on March 16 so hurry!

Giveaway open to anyone.

Good luck!

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Star Ferry Traveler’s Notebook Winner!


We are excited to announce the winner of the Star Ferry Traveler’s Notebook is:

Ellina 2 weeks ago

I’ve decided to take a chance to get this amazing notebook! Here’s my entry via Instsgram (@elltbr)…



Winner, please contact us at within 3 days otherwise we will pick a different winner.

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Instagram Pictures

Do you see your Instagram Pictures? #Resorshop to share your pictures! This is also part of the Traveler’s Notebook Star Ferry Give-Away.

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